The real station share the chain and included how we respond to the instability


, a good state of mind.A friend of

the last three days of the chain and the content included are normal, increases and reduced, but the chain and included exon 12.16 is not normal. Figure


share: before I often encounter this situation, an increase of more than 400 between the chain of the night. But the rankings are falling, snapshots stop. But then I is how to operate. Before the promotion is 20 forums and 5 blog friends >



love for Shanghai this situation is too normal, because we also know love Shanghai algorithm is constantly adjusted, doomed the webmaster we follow the love behind go Shanghai. Then we analyze these chain growth and decrease, and increase and decrease content of reason. The first reason is love Shanghai self adjustment caused. Second reasons for their excessive optimization, such as increasing fierce outside the chain, or the contents of the article are not updated, pseudo original too many situations. Then we solve these problems. Solution: the best chain manual regular increase in the use of the mass of the chain, don’t use the collector to collect the content, appropriate to update the original articles. On the basis of good mentality and two solutions, this situation is not difficult to solve. If the operation will lead to excessive K station, you were in the operation to the attention of the.

in the face of love Shanghai so often small update and update, many Shanghai dragon ER began very calm. Especially when you do webmaster novice very calm. Love Shanghai some unstable small update let many webmaster began to tangle. For the chain and included unstable situation, in the Shanghai dragon forum many station friends mentioned. Shanghai dragon dish brother from his own experience to share with everyone, how to face the chain and included unstable situation.


at this moment my attitude is really very calm. We’ll look at my website ranking

big update, which is now so good rankings. This is no joy or sorrow, but I want to tell you that Shanghai dragon ER the webmaster, should pay attention to the ranking is so good, do not represent second days or so ranking.

This is because the week ranked

station should have a good mentality, whether do Shanghai dragon or good, or other events. Good attitude decides it all. First, let yourself calm down, where to find the fundamental problem. We can not because of a sudden decrease and included desperately to increase the chain, then you can be really wrong. The factors of instability in Shanghai brought love website decrease and increase in the chain, how I was calm. Figure I optimization site (贵族宝贝tuofa66贵族宝贝 seborrheic alopecia) recently chain

The RSS is turned off, a Internet era has ended

In fact, About


blog later became RSS > decadent decline

RSS has already fallen not what happens, from the business in recent years, the RSS index has declined across the board, the number of users has been plunged. At present, although the number of RSS users is still very large, in one million level, but for an already listed Internet Co, not cut the development potential of the business, to focus on high-quality resources becomes more and more important, at this point, Google is doing on.

discarded?In fact, the word

RSS why

opened the history of the development of RSS, it can be found that RSS actually closely related blog and prosperity. Around 2003, blog officially entered the line of sight of people, at that time many fans began to write articles, photos, operators in their own world, the emerging Internet products and the lack of time, a custom has the effect of the product is very tempting, but after that, with the development of the blog industry. The technical agreement RSS is continuing to move forward, a connecting link between the author and the application of blog users.

is discarded, the use is not good, because as a star product, Google and I did not want to casually turn off the RSS, but a harsh reality before us, that is RSS is not suitable for the current Internet environment. The new generation of Internet users now, love is the interactive process, and this process requires a strong user stickiness, but what are the advantages of RSS, to help the users to customize the information flow, access or reserve yes, this comb? Are the advantages of RSS, but also its disadvantages, because can be customized, so there is no need to frequently visit, because there will be a reserve, the viscosity of the user has to a certain extent, weakened. Although the process you will not have a "do you have a new fan", "you have a new comment like" excuse me, but is this "excessive" silence makes everything to the development of the Internet on the opposite side driving, leading to its backwardness.

RSS’s "parasite" is the key to the fall of

in March 16th, the industry has said that Google to close its RSS reader client, the news has spread, immediately attracted uproar. Because in the eyes of many people, the Google reader is a very complete tool, it can give us some information to develop flow, resulting in the jumbled information society we want to get to see the first time. But the market ultimately is the basis of survival of all products, while Google IReader is good, no interference, just focus on the list of information presentation, but in social interaction and frequent today, Internet products in addition to focus on their own, but also to meet the requirements of the times, the pursuit of a real-time interactive effect to that of RSS apparently do.

But the

Watch the mall site love Shanghai algorithm


second, the content of smooth degree.

for such a small website, they are given the weight of love of Shanghai is relatively low, the fundamental reason is that this type of website needs to be greater than the purchase demand, and it provides the content of information and can not be compared to other B2B platform and Alibaba. Because of this, the small mall site to get high weight is really difficult to

in the face of this situation, don’t store website promotion only fate? This is obviously not the love of Shanghai mall websites still have some intuitive algorithm rules, as long as the clever use of mall website promotion is very simple. This is today the author Dennis to introduce two kinds of needle for small mall site rules algorithm.

(please indicate the transfer:, thank you! Cherish the fruits of labor of others, is to respect yourself!)

? ? The

page is composed by the content, we obtain implicit demand to speed of use to the website to the scarcity of resources, not because of time delay and the hard-earned data into garbage. The contents of the smooth degree, not only refers to each page download time the eight second rule also requires the integration of the whole page. Not only to point out the theme, but also harmonious cohesion. Or that the content is smooth degree of the webmaster page structure reasonable layout, not only requests the page response speed, but also for the user can quickly lead, guide users.

is the hot topic on behalf of scarce resources, the spread of information today, to have scarce resources to cause the user’s attention. The user needs urgent, the scarcity of content available to search engine, search engine is not to worry about the favor!?, how to obtain the scarce resources of

is to locate the site keywords, and then extract the hidden needs of users in Shanghai love the drop-down box and relevant recommendations. We know that the definition of large mall site keywords are the keywords, and we have to do is based on these data in time to do some special brand flagship, so that it can actually solve the needs of users. At this point, we can see that the demand conditions of extraction and the so-called hot push method comes down to camp to meet the potential demand of users.

first, hot push camp method.

to Tmall, Jingdong and other large shopping mall site leader, local enterprises, the mall site can not be called a really big, so for this website how to promote the optimization of

to do the page content is smooth, the most important thing is to define user groups, to carry out structured layout page according to the different nature of the website user groups.

Website optimization needs to be outward first

from the title, this is not about an article of war. The KMT government from the first source is about the beginning of the Song Dynasty to Song Taizong said Zhaopu suriko "Chinese both ANN Yi from the service group. Therefore, for resisting foreign aggression, the first inside." It is in the external and internal circumstances, we should start to worry, to win the final victory. So in today’s Shanghai dragon industry, how do we understand the

as a webmaster, every day we observe a variety of data, particularly important is the keywords ranking. Look at the ranking of each day is stagnant, as practitioners, but also more and more big pressure. Many owners think that the article not included, not updated snapshot, keywords ranking does not rise but declined and so on a series of factors of love for Shanghai spiders don’t climb to your site by. So, how to attract the love of spiders in Shanghai to climb their own website page

mentioned at the beginning of the article "the KMT government, we as a webmaster, so to understand: in the station optimization for patients, as the station optimization worries, we should first do the optimization of the site within yourself, than to do every day, hundreds of" junk "very much. We first strong "(here refers to the site of the internal optimization), to meet the user’s experience.


Here is the

home page head, do not click on logo effect. This is not conducive to the user experience, hope that the webmaster should make corresponding adjustment.

?The first reaction is:

many owners outside the chain, the chain that the amount and way wide influence to attract spiders, then the general practice is every day to send hundreds or thousands of junk chain. Here I want to say a personal point of view, the amount will not fine.

Here is an example:

? The

map appears in the lower left corner of the page, this marked red area, whether it is necessary? Or is the location is wrong? We can assume that you are a user, after entering the site, recommend a hot, how will appear in a page at the bottom of what? The user can position such notice, not to add a chain of clicks, but the hot recommend either appear in the main page of area, or directly removed.



here is a very important article page, because the page is related to the site collected. Most of the webmaster is very care about, will go to update every day, whether it is the article for the user has no value, as long as the relevant to our website on the line. So you have love in Shanghai, love Shanghai more love and included in the article add the inner chain. Is it really so? The answer is negative. "

The website included poor web page similarity.


third, the bottom of the page. I think I said here, we should be very clear, some websites using the total foot.html template is not the bottom of the stand are the same Links, record the same information, the same company name etc.. Here accounts for the similarity of the 5%~10% ".

here we have created a problem, why some reprint articles can also be included in the search engine? A large part of the reason is the article appeared in the website never, plus the article reproduced on the Internet, finally the article similarity with similar articles >

many webmaster would have been struggling with your website amount can not go in a certain period of time. The similarity of a website page determines your web search engines let easy included. The stationmaster now more of the PHP and ASP program to do a website, some of the total template, some of the columns with a template, which will inevitably lead to a lot of the same place for us ". According to our understanding of the search engine included principle, if a web page too much repetition will inevitably lead to the station included reducing, keywords ranking is reduced, namely we often say right down. What is what leads to our web page similarity is very high

. During this time I study in Shanghai Longfeng, I found many webmaster in the list of pages and content pages using a unified description of keywords and keywords. This accounted for 10% of "similarity. Then, we continue to analyze.

?The first part of head

through the above analysis, we can know that even if we do not add content, the new web page and web page similarity previously reached 25%~30%. Just imagine, we update and previous similar articles, search engine will be included? If we can now update the content and the previous similarity is 50%, then the similarity of the entire page reached such a height of 75%~80%. Why when we update the article, search engine soon included, but included the entire site remains the same. For example, I updated 5 articles on the same day, the search engine included 5 articles included in the site, the total is 1000, according to the theory included in the amount of us second days to 1005, but through the site command to check, still 1000 articles included. Then through the analysis, we found that the similarity between the original and now update the article "and" collected before they reached 90%, the search engine included we update the article, filtering out the previous article ". The search engine may think of the new update than the previous value, so the choice of a new update.

second, the navigation bar and the sidebar section. Yes, when we flow many sites in the content page, indeed the entire station content pages are on the same side of the navigation bar, some of the recommended articles or products are the same. Here also accounted for the similarity of web page 10%.

Would you really know love Shanghai

our advantages: good execution, good creative, good at copywriting, good sales page design

products, but must not be blind to do, you’d better find a professional team or company to consult, we do Home Furnishing accessories, worked with a doer network promotion team, executive ability is very good, give us promotion brought a lot of customers. It is recommended that you ask.

The first step: to find out the key words

love Shanghai know promotion planning thinkmap the first one:

picture 2

product selection classification written answers with

awesome love Shanghai very like know the night fireflies, always can let you look at it. So we all love to promote Shanghai with love but you know, at the time of the operation is really the love of Shanghai know the mighty domineering development acme? Will you love Shanghai know? Answer to dry cargo.

love Shanghai know keywords screening

Once the


keyword classification, and you find the business related words, the maximum value of the word. (Note: I’m too lazy, the screenshot below words before subdivision)


case: XXX enterprise cooperation, XX enterprise key words on the front page of

example: how to do network promotion of

third step: according to the breakdown of the key words, write the corresponding promotion passage. Write some suggestions, it is best not to repeat. Must take advantage of the strength of enterprises, the whole show honor. In order to thinking is not chaos, can do a logic structure diagram.

note: if you are other business, according to the keywords in your industry or product to expand.

The second step:

Shanghai is in love with the sea love know many "son" is one of the great love for Shanghai but it is doted on her. A product containing keywords love Shanghai know is easy to row in the same site overhead. So, for us to promote the network, love Shanghai know promotion is amiable, it allows us to easily get ranked, and the third tone to tell the user that certain products are very Niubi, don’t buy your big loss!

example: I am good at doing product network promotion, I want to through the network to help customers to do product orders, the network promotion, then my client may search for "product network promotion" keywords, then I can love Shanghai promotion assistant to expand more search words. As follows:


products?A lot of network promotion methods of


product promotion. Many search keywords, recommended here love Shanghai promotion assistant keywords planning, because there are statistical user search words.

Whether the Internet real name registration system will go back to South Korea

, a network security is a big problem In fact, the implementation of ?

first on the network real name system, I am positive, this does not mean that I think this system can be effectively implemented, in order to effectively implement this system, the following difficulties must be overcome.

network system, China is not the first, as early as 2007, South Korea began to implement the network system, and then only to less than 4 years, in December 29, 2011, was responsible for the management of the telecommunications industry in South Korea Broadcasting Commission announced the start of the gradual abolition of the Internet real name system, the indirect declaration of Internet real name system failure. In contrast, South Korea was the introduction of this policy aim, in fact, we are now, in order to purify the network culture, reduce because of slander irresponsible online language at that time, South Korea is in the preliminary practice of large amount of registered users to access the website must provide real name and ID number, through the verification can access. The development of the latter, all netizens comment and registered on the Internet must register their real names and identity card numbers, all moving in the expected, but the real name is made a huge impact in July 2011, when a South Korean famous portal and a social networking website was hacked, leaked about 35 million netizens personal information, including name, ID number, address and even birthday. The event allows the people and the government are aware of the huge harm of NRs. Previously because of the Internet real name system in which a girl because of human flesh search and mental disorders, these storms have caused great controversy in South Korean society, and caused many people to oppose the Internet real name, forced by public pressure, South Korea had to cancel their personally planning system.

according to the Xinhua news agency, the latest news shows, the general office of the State Council to the State Council ministries and agencies directly under the "State Council on the implementation of institutional reform and functional transformation plan" of the division of tasks and the relevant requirements of the notice, one for the majority of Internet users pay more attention to is this: the first half of 2014 the introduction and implementation of information network real name registration system.

two years later, in Asia China to begin implementation of the system of the network, in fact as early as 2008 there are many voices began to demand the network real name system, this is because a lot of network attacks and slander damage some of the image of public figures, to accountability can not find people. It seems that the network real name system is not a whim, so China’s implementation of the network real name system will go South Korea old

now more and more emphasis on personal privacy, many people are afraid of their own personal information was leaked out, because too many criminals take advantage of others’ information fraud, many examples, while South Korea’s Internet information leakage events is a wake-up call, once the website was hacked, resulting in the real ID number and such as the name of outflow, resulting in users of the panic is hard to imagine how much, to the network real name system long-term effective implementation of network security system is a very difficult problem, from.

The picture of the site should be how to optimize

then you need the page background, add the appropriate code for this picture, and a piece of content that is the code behind the alt attribute of the picture, the search engine spiders will be able to obtain relevant picture information through this short words. In addition to fill in the alt attribute, the text must be complete, but will not be too long, as far as possible to contain the corresponding keywords, so it can enhance the image characteristics optimization. In order to help in Shanghai love search results, you can display this picture.

second, set the Alt property. This is an important way to optimize the picture, can be an important way to make the love of spiders in Shanghai read the picture, so the picture in the optimization, this is the key content. Webmasters may think, just under the picture and write a short introduction on it, in fact only in this way can improve the user experience, allowing users to know what the meaning of this picture, but for search engines, or do not know.

text is the mainstream and trend of the construction of website, if a web page, if are pictures, or is text, from the experience of reading the degree is not too good. But generally speaking, the pictures on the website can not very good included, from the current point of view, the love of Shanghai is difficult to directly read the contents of the pictures, so if it is all pictures ", the optimization effect is often poor.

third, a small watermark for image. Although doing so will have a certain impact on the user experience, but as long as the production mode, such as watermark depth to light a little, don’t cover the key elements in the picture, usually do not have a poor user experience of. But through the watermark, even if the other site reproduced, want to wipe.

first, use JPEG images as much as possible, if it is a dynamic picture, you need to use the GIF format. The more the kind of picture format of dynamic display, but it is often necessary to end users install plug-in, and use the GIF format, basically does not affect the display of images, so it can make web pages have a good compatibility. While the use of JPEG images, but also need to pay attention to the overall capacity of the whole picture, not too large, otherwise it will produce a relatively poor user experience, because users open the site for a long time.

but it does not mean that the image on the page, just to enhance the user experience of the effect, can not produce good optimization effect. In fact, now love Shanghai in the search results page, also began to appear in the icon, which shows the love of Shanghai has made remarkable achievements in reading picture content. Just read this picture data but also requires the means, that is to say, if we love according to the optimization model for Shanghai, Shanghai can make love better included these pictures, the optimization effect and help produce better website. The method here is to optimize the effect of several common promotion picture analysis.

The seven thing you need to do to learn Shanghai Dragon

Why is Shanghai dragon

logic programming ability not to be reflected in the web page layout, more important to website content and rational planning, planning the priority among priorities and depends on the internal chain planning. The content of the planning can be better for users to extend the reading, and can make the search engine constantly included other web content, the formation of a massive information network kept users visit your site; at the same time, the chain planning > Website

2. Shanghai dragon needs to understand the HTML language learning.


1. Shanghai dragon need persevere spirit.

learning Shanghai dragon may not have so advanced programming techniques, learning Shanghai dragon may not proficient in page design, learning Shanghai dragon does not need DIV+CSS; learning Shanghai dragon is not a difficult task, but in the learning process, if you want to master the Shanghai dragon, so we have to do a few things.

I believe that any one want to learn Shanghai Dragon technology or webmaster friends, not only want to take this technology application in the only website or simple to understand. Because we want to promote the keywords ranking through their Shanghai Dragon technology makes more website, also want to change the status of Shanghai Dragon technology, to realize the value of life by Shanghai dragon technology. Then we have to need to know HTML to a preliminary understanding of a website, the website to modify the necessary code through a website source code. We can not master HTML, because it is only the most basic computer language language, is also the most easy to understand language, as long as we can understand, and can modify the website source code can when necessary.

Learning Learning

3. Shanghai dragon needs a good article editing ability.

learning a persevere spirit? Shanghai dragon is a long-term work, because this work is closely related with the search engine, search engine to your website, will accumulate website weight, will improve the site keywords ranking, this is a constant algorithm. So even if we have strong Shanghai dragon skills, we still need to update the website content, constantly optimize the layout, continue to release the chain, make it become the search engine users love, love website. Only continue to insist, will see good results, will become a qualified Shanghai dragon ER.

4. Shanghai dragon logic need good planning skills.

have the ability to edit and not everyone, if you can write a good article, then there will be more people because of an article in love with your website, can also help a lot of people because of an article. This time, this is the essence of a website, but also support the website can be included in search engine has an important condition. If you do not have a strong article editing ability, then you have to read, write, from the original false start your way of writing.

The use of the PDF document to hijack Google’s official entry guide ranked Shanghai Dragon


Shanghai dragon?

Dan Sharp shared a case, his company can hijack the official Google search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) guide ranking. Let us look at how they operate.

Google search results screenshot

we decided to research about why Google web search to other page can. We note that Google search engine optimization entry 302 redirect function instructions, and focus on independent domain name.


in search results, PDF entry guidance appears in the search results list, links to each other. Upload PDF, but did not appear in Google’s own web site. So, I do not know what the reason, Google did not own "included in the list; but other websites use Google related content.

I want to share an agent a recent attempt by Google, Google official website is that we search engine optimization – a definitive version of PDF introductory guide and put our column to the "search engine optimization" directory and thousands of phrases.

found some strange phenomenon in the search results, we have made contact with Google. The Shanghai dragon PDF introductory guide in the "Shanghai dragon" and "Google Shanghai Longfeng guide" and other related directory, some things are not right……

@ JohnMu Hello, John, Google Shanghai Longfeng elementary guidance is not in the list or unable to retrieve, the site has been replaced by another. This problem is the 302s Pic

we tested in the internal test, including our Shanghai dragon Spider (spider) software and user agent. This special test only for entertainment, just to verify our findings, no harm to others, not to make money to seek benefits. At present, we have terminated the test and remove its contents.

The following is the The background of

successfully hijacked Google official document

– Dan Sharp (@screamingfrog)

ranking sites in britain. Every site to crowd out other search results, because Google will change the authoritative version of trust based on search results.


302 redirect, the original URL can be retrieved in the Google page, but URL in static failed to retrieve.

Shanghai Longfeng rankings in November 7, 2016